Here are a few more thoughts from parents on why they choose Habitat, what the school has offered the child and their families, and how they describe Habitat to others.

Why I choose Habitat

“In touring all the other area Montessori schools, Habitat clearly stood out for its beautiful, clean, organized classrooms; its warm, gentle teachers; and community of parents that all deeply care about the education of their children.” – Molly B.

“I choose Habitat mostly due to the passion I saw in the other parents as they spoke about Habitat. When I looked into the classroom, the first thing I noticed was how calm it was when the children were quietly working on their jobs.” – Mary K.

“I choose Habitat because it is a small school with a huge reputation and also a TRUE Montessori school.” – Nadia S.

“We had heard from friends that this was a great academics-based school. We liked the
curriculum and the appropriate level of expectation for the kids. It seemed like fun, and also good
preparation for grade school.” – Adrian W.


Habitat offers us…

“… an exceptional education in a warm and supportive environment.” – Kathleen N.

 “… all the benefits of a Montessori school with the sense of community that only small
schools can provide.” – Nadia S.

“… a chance to see our child develop and become increasingly independent.” – Lynn S.

“… a unique education in that my child understands the complexity behind the idea, not just its face value — real learning.”  - Ben S.

“…a classroom with purpose — non-cluttered, non-distracting. Everything has a specific place and purpose.”  – Stephanie M.

When I talk about Habitat to friends, I say…

“My son loves his teachers and classmates. He really seems to have fun. We also feel like he has benefitted from the concentration on movement and attention span. We like that he is encouraged to be purposeful and focus on a job.” – Adrian W.

“In addition to an amazing academic foundation for my daughter, Habitat really has been a great community for us. We have met friends and received support.” – Sarah H.

 “Habitat has a sense of community that other schools seem to lack. Dropping my child off for school is almost as comfortable (for both of us) as bringing her home. It’s a parent's best companion on their journey of early childhood education.” – Julia L.

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