Montessori vs. Traditional Education
When you compare a Montessori school approach to a traditional preschool approach, you notice some differences.

A Montessori School
A Traditional Preschool
Child is the center of the classroom and teacher serves as facilitator   Teacher is the center of the classroom and directs the classroom activities
Child sets own learning pace   Instruction pace designed to meet group norm
Mixed age grouping provides a student with multiple years in the same classroom with a consistent teacher   Same age grouping with new classroom and teacher each year
Method focuses on self-discipline   Teacher is primary enforcer of discipline
Mainly individual instruction   Mainly group instruction
Child chooses own work within a prepared environment   Teacher tells the child what to do and when
Child works as long as he or she wishes on chosen project within a given work cycle   Child generally allotted specific time for work
Child reinforces own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success   Learning is reinforced externally by repetition and rewards
Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration   Fewer materials for sensory development
Organized program for learning care-of-self and environment (tying shoes, washing dishes, etc.)   Less emphasis of independent, self care

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