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A Children’s Habitat offers a traditional Montessori preschool experience for families seeking a half-day preschool or Kindergarten program and/or a full-day elementary program. Habitat is the oldest Montessori school in Indianapolis, serving families in the area since 1972. It is an environment that recognizes the unique characteristics and capabilities of each child.

The benefits of a Montessori education include:

  • Stimulating, child-oriented environment that allows each child to learn at his or her own pace
  • Providing multi-age classrooms where children can serve as role models and develop leadership qualities
  • Nurturing, non-competitive atmosphere that encourages social interaction for cooperative learning and emotional development
  • Offering opportunities to explore, touch, and learn without fear
  • Promoting independence to increase a child's confidence

Learn more about Our Curriculum and Montessori vs. Traditional Education.


"It is about the experience that occurs between the child and teacher."" – Heidi S.

Teachers are a key element of what makes A Children's Habitat so unique. The Habitat community sets extremely high standards for our teachers, searching extensively for candidates that demonstrate the right combination of a nurturing manner and a passion for the Montessori Method. Habitat parents consistently agree that what sets Habitat apart is the type of interaction—the warmth and caring—they see between the teachers and the students. When teachers model these characteristics, it sets the stage for the children to adopt these same qualities. In addition to observing and guiding the children, our talented teachers spend considerable hours preparing the classroom environment so it meets the needs of each child.

All of our classrooms are led by credentialed, lead teachers and all assistant teachers have completed Montessori paraprofessional training.

We invite you to Meet Our Teachers to learn more about their passion for Montessori.


"At Habitat, you have an opportunity to be involved to help and influence how the school runs" – Lisa D.

At Habitat, our teachers and small administration are the only paid staff members of the school. We are dependent on our parent community for all other aspects. Habitat is led by a board of parent volunteers, elected annually, to serve one- or two-year terms. All parents are asked to either fulfill a minimum number of volunteer hours (50 per year per family) or pay a waiver fee to help compensate for additional expenses. The ongoing involvement of parents contributes to the strong sense of community and deep loyalty that our families develop toward the school. Both current and past parents value the level of influence and involvement Habitat allows them to have in their children's education.

We offer flexibility in how parents can contribute to the school. Participation can be event-based or ongoing and can be completed outside classroom hours.

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