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The oldest Montessori school in Indianapolis and a full member of the American Montessori Society (AMS), A Children's Habitat is rooted in the Montessori philosophy of concern for the whole child. Since its inception in 1972, this exemplary Montessori environment has offered a unique curriculum and unparalleled experience—where staff and families join together to create a passionate community that fuels and guides the school.

Here, families seeking a partial-day early childhood program, or a full-day elementary program, benefit from AMS-certified lead teachers who actively pursue ongoing professional development. In addition, our elementary teachers are licensed by the state of Indiana for grades K–6.

With ample opportunity for parent involvement—including volunteer commitments from each family and a parent-comprised Board of Directors—these combined features inspire a rich, engaging habitat that fosters growth, community, and learning on an exceptional level.

Learn more about our faculty, including our Head of School, here.


In 2014, we introduced donors to our plans for an outdoor classroom space—asking for their help to realize our vision. After years of internal planning, gracious help and generosity from supporters like you, and a summer of dedication and hard work from our incredible school community, we invited all our students and their families into the new outdoor classroom to begin the 2015-2016 school year. While we still have plenty of work ahead, Phase I of our outdoor space is complete and the children could not be more excited!

Maria Montessori believed that the outdoors is a natural extension of the classroom and that there should be harmony between the indoor and outdoor learning environments. The outdoors is the ideal sensorial experience. A child discovers the world through his senses in the most holistic way. Beyond the organic development through seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, and tasting in the great outdoors, nature brings ripe lessons in botany, zoology, and STEM in the most basic, pure ways.


While our efforts always remain child-centered, we intrinsically believe that we cannot fully do so without also supporting and nurturing our incredible, talented, and dedicated staff. With the help of our donors, A Children's Habitat was able to support the continued education of our teachers by sending them to the 2016 American Montessori Society Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Here, our teachers were able to discuss and reflect on the fundamental principles, values, and perspectives at the heart of Montessori while connecting and learning from other Montessorians across the nation. Welcoming them back to their school home following this experience was both inspiring and energizing! As a school, we look forward to every opportunity to encourage, support, and uplift the continued education of all our staff members both now and in the future.

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